Monday, December 22, 2008

Consecutive Games With a Run Scored Since 1956

Unless a player is a home run hitter or speed demon, moving along the basepaths and scoring requires some luck. It all starts out with getting on base, something the batter can control himself. After that, barring stolen bases, he needs his teammates to come through and bring him around to score. This means the following list is a combination of players who got on base often and were lucky in terms of teammates driving them in. Even if it's mostly luck, it's still fun to look at.

Since 1956, twenty players have scored a run in thirteen or more consecutive games. Unfortunately, data from before then isn't readily available but the all-time record is 24 games, set by Phillies outfielder Billy Hamilton in 1894. The all-time American League record is 18 games by Yankees' third baseman Red Rolfe in 1939 and tied by the first guy on the list below.

Consecutive Games With a Run Scored

  • 18 games
    Kenny Lofton, CLE, 8/15/2000 to 9/3/2000

  • 17 games
    Jim Thome, CHW, 4/2/2006 to 4/22/2006
    Rickie Weeks, MIL, 9/18/2007 to 4/4/2008

  • 16 games
    Curt Flood, STL, 9/24/1967 to 4/23/1968
    Paul Molitor, MIL, 9/9/1987 to 9/25/1987

  • 15 games
    Bob Horner, ATL, 4/23/1982 to 5/13/1982
    Lenny Dykstra, PHI, 6/6/1993 to 6/20/1993
    Dante Bichette, COL, 9/10/1993 to 4/14/1994
    Steve Finley, SDP, 6/26/1996 to 7/13/1996
    Carlos Beltran, HOU, 8/23/2004 to 9/7/2004
    Lance Berkman, HOU, 4/26/2008 to 5/12/2008
    Matt Holliday, COL, 7/27/2008 to 8/10/2008

  • 14 games
    Willie Mays, SFG, 5/7/1959 to 5/20/1959
    Bill Bruton, MLN, 7/5/1960 to 7/22/1960
    Kirby Puckett, MIN, 4/18/1986 to 5/3/1986
    Lloyd Moseby, TOR, 8/5/1986 to 8/21/1986

  • 13 games
    Hank Aaron, MLN, 7/15/1956 to 7/27/1956
    Tommy Harper, MIL, 5/12/1970 to 5/31/1970
    Bob Brenly, SFG, 8/24/1984 to 9/3/1984
    Tony Armas, BOS, 9/21/1984 to 4/14/1985

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