Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update: SO > TB, Minimum 200 AB

Today I'm revisiting my first real post on this blog. Back in 2007, my first topic was hitters who wound up with more strikeouts than total bases. To make sure I only got players who spent a significant time in the majors, I set the minimum to qualify for the list at 200 at bats. It turns out three players have officially joined the list since the original post.

Bill Bergen1911BROC227.132.183.1543542-4
Billy Consolo1954BOSSS242.227.324.277676959
Billy Consolo1959BOS
Ernie Fazio1963HOU2B228.184.273.281647065
Jerry Kindall1963CLE2B234.205.266.295697158
Dave Nicholson1964CHWLF294.204.329.36510712696
Chris Cannizzaro1965NYMC251.183.270.231586046
Don Zimmer1965WSAC226.199.284.252575955
Ray Oyler1966DETSS210.171.263.252536248
Jerry Zimmerman1967MINC234.167.243.192454926
Ray Oyler1968DETSS215.135.213.186405920
George Scott1968BOS1B350.171.236.237838840
Dick Tracewski1968DETSS212.156.239.236505143
Al Weis1968NYMSS274.172.234.204566332
Darrel Chaney1969CINSS209.191.278.234497542
Ray Oyler1969SEPSS255.165.260.267688049
Jim Mason1975NYYSS223.152.228.211474927
John Hale1978SEARF211.171.283.265566456
Leroy Stanton1978SEALF302.182.265.248758047
Bobby Bonds1980STLLF231.203.305.316737472
Tom Donohue1980CALC218.188.216.243536327
Reggie Jackson1983CALRF397.194.290.34013514074
Gary Pettis1987CALCF394.208.302.25910212453
Jody Davis1989ATLC231.169.246.242566139
John Shelby1989LADCF345.183.237.229799236
Jeff Kunkel1990TEXSS200.170.221.280566640
Rob Deer1991DETRF448.179.314.38617317592
Hensley Meulens1991NYYLF288.222.276.319929765
Gary Pettis1991TEXCF282.216.341.277789175
Andujar Cedeno1992HOUSS220.173.232.277617147
Jack Clark1992BOSDH257.210.350.311808782
Billy Ashley1995LADLF215.237.320.372808890
Benji Gil1995TEXSS415.219.266.34714414760
Kimera Bartee1996DETCF217.253.308.304667757
Archi Cianfrocco1997SDP1B220.245.328.355788085
Mark Johnson1997PIT1B219.215.345.315697873
Ryan McGuire1998MON1B210.186.292.243515546
Greg Vaughn2002TBDLF251.163.286.315798260
Mark Bellhorn2005BOS
Mark Bellhorn2006SDP3B253.190.285.344879066
Ryan Langerhans2007ATL
Andruw Jones2008LADCF209.158.256.249527634
Tony Pena Jr.2008KCRSS225.169.189.20947497

I think it's cool that Pena became only the second player with an OPS+ of under 10 to show up. In fact, he is the first player since Bill Bergen a century ago to have an OPS+ that low under in 200+ at bats.

In addition to Langerhans, Jones, and Pena, Jeff Mathis of the Angels deserves a mention. In 2008 he came to bat 283 times and wound up with 90 total bases. He also struck out 90 times. Darrel Chaney in 1973 was the last player to have equal strikeouts and total bases in 200 or more at bats.

I wonder which hitters will linger long enough in the big leagues next year to make the list. I guess we'll see...

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