Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Record That Wasn't

Last weekend, I came across a bit of information regarding catcher putouts that I thought would be useful around the All-Star Break this season. I got excited because the would-be record I found is just obscure enough not to be noticed but impressive enough to deserve mention. I even mentioned the upcoming record elsewhere online. Unfortunately, I committed the mistake of not making entirely sure the record I found was correct. I had found the AL record and NL record, but I forgot about guys who spent time in both leagues. So instead of Jason Kendall setting the record for putouts by a catcher in July, he'll probably have to wait until 2011. It turns out Brad Ausmus could reach the record in 2009, but something would have to go very wrong in Los Angeles and Ivan Rodriguez would have to stay unsigned.

Most Career Putouts as a Catcher
  1. Ivan Rodriguez, 13130
  2. Brad Ausmus, 12473
  3. Gary Carter, 11785
  4. Jason Kendall, 11415
  5. Carlton Fisk, 11369
  6. Bob Boone, 11260
  7. Tony Pena, 11212
  8. Mike Piazza, 10846
  9. Benito Santiago, 10817
  10. Bill Freehan, 9941
  11. Jim Sundberg, 9767
  12. Lance Parrish, 9647
  13. Johnny Roseboro, 9291
  14. Johnny Bench, 9249
  15. Javy Lopez, 8990
  16. Johnny Edwards, 8925
  17. Ted Simmons, 8906
  18. Jorge Posada, 8801
  19. Yogi Berra, 8738
  20. Jason Varitek, 8549
bolded = played in 2008

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