Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fewest Team HR at a Position in 2009

Nearly two-thirds of the way through the season, Jason Kendall of the Brewers is hitting .239 and slugging .283. As you might guess, he doesn't have many extra base hits. He has twelve, to be exact, eleven doubles and one triple. He has started 86 of the Brewers 101 games and backup Mike Rivera also is homerless on the year, meaning the Brewers haven't had a single round-tripper from their backstops. What other teams have suffered a homer drought at one position on the diamond? I did not include NL DHs or pitchers.

Fewest Team HR at a Position in 2009
(through 7/28)
  • Milwaukee Brewers, C - 0
  • New York Mets, 2B - 0
  • San Diego Padres, 2B - 1
  • Baltimore Orioles, SS - 2
  • Cincinnati Reds, CF - 2
  • Florida Marlins, 3B - 2
  • Kansas City Royals, SS - 2
  • Minnesota Twins, 2B - 2
  • Minnesota Twins, CF - 2
  • New York Mets, SS - 2
  • San Francisco Giants, SS - 2
  • Washington Nationals, 2B - 2


Ron Rollins said...

I see a pattern there. Except for the Marlins (and maybe the Giants) all of those teams are really, really bad. Now we know why.

Ron Rollins said...

Sorry, Twins are doing okay.

Mark said...

The Marlins getting two homers out of a corner infield position? Ouch.

I guess Hanley evens out the left side of the infield, though.