Saturday, May 16, 2009

Most Plate Appearances, No Singles

Brad Nelson, 0 for 21 this year, was outrighted (booted off the 40-man roster but not released) to the minors by Milwaukee earlier this week. Since he was outrighted once before, he had the option to choose free agency rather than report to AAA. He did and has had contact from several teams. Until he signs, however, his brief major league career qualifies him for the following list:

Most Career Plate Apperances, No Singles

Bobby Tiefenauer1952-1968481100
Randy Tate1975470000
Bo McLaughlin1976-1982450000
Tony McKnight2000-2001440000
Daryl Patterson1968-1974370000
Charlie Cady1883-1884362110
George Borchers1888-1895342200
Ted Davidson1965-1968340000
Charley Stanceu1941-1946340000
Hank Biasatti1949332200
Andy Hassler1971-1985310000
Brad Nelson2008-2009312200
Sean Burnett2004-2008301100
Skip Pitlock1970-1975302101

As you can tell by the years each played, most of those players were pitches. Only Hank Biasatti, a first baseman for the Athletics, and Nelson were not pitchers for a significant portion of their careers. Charlie Cody started five games as a pitcher and also appeared in the outfield, second base, and catcher.

Another active position player who has struggled to single is Matthew Brown, a third baseman for the Angels. He batted 27 times in 2007 and 2008, hitting only a double. Brown is currently playing for the AAA Salt Lake Bees. Both Nelson and Brown will likely get more chances to single in the majors, so hopefully their time around this list is short.

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Anonymous said...

Pitlock's HR was inside the park. The Toy Cannon in left never moved for the gapper, he was mad at his manager, Harry the Hat Walker. Alou had to flag it down at the base of the wall, and I did not have to slide at home. I've seen longer homers!

Skip Pitlock