Monday, March 3, 2008

Most Doubles Allowed in a Season

This follows the previous post by looking at the most doubles allowed by a pitcher in a single season. There's a lot of recent seasons on the list. Who would've thought that five of the only fifteen 60+ doubles allowed seasons in the past half century took place in 2006 or 2007? I like it when I can pick an arbitrary cutoff at a nice number: only twenty-five pitchers have given up 58 or more doubles in a season (since 1957).

Most Doubles Allowed in a Season, 1957-2007

Rick HellingTEX200168215.2
Chris CapuanoMIL200666221.1
Rick HellingTEX200066217.0
Jamie MoyerSEA199864234.1
Jim MerrittCIN197064234.0
Mike MussinaBAL199663243.1
Dennis LeonardKCR197862294.2
Matt MorrisSFG/PIT200761198.2
Jae Weong SeoNYM200361188.1
C.C. SabathiaCLE200760241.0
Jeff SuppanMIL200760206.2
Zach DukePIT200660215.1
Kenny RogersTEX200060227.1
Bruce HurstBOS198460218.0
Jim MerrittCIN196960251.0
Kenny RogersTEX200459211.2
Wilson AlvarezCHW199659217.1
Jose LimaKCR200558168.2
Darrell MayKCR200458186.0
Brad RadkeMIN200058226.2
Mark LeiterPHI199758182.2
Chris HaneyKCR199658228.0
Steve CookePIT199358210.2
Dennis EckersleyCHC198658201.0
Rick SutcliffeCLE198358243.1

I guess you have to be pretty durable and usually play in front of a bad defense (cough...Milwaukee...cough) to make the list.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that only one pitcher made the list between 1957 and 1977

What quality did Jim Merritt have, or not have, that no other pitcher had in that time span?

TheJay said...

I don't know. Maybe it's a mix of his durability in those seasons, pitching to contact, and Cincinnati being a favorable place to hit doubles (pure speculation)?