Saturday, March 1, 2008

Most Triples Allowed in a Season

One of the many interesting things the Retrosheet data used by the Play Index allows you to do is look at the number of specific types of base hits allowed by pitchers. Looking at a typical pitcher's line in any common reference source usually only reveals base hits allowed and home runs allowed. The play-by-play data compiled by Retrosheet makes it possible to find out how many of those base hits were singles, doubles, and triples, as well. Unfortunately, play-by-play data only goes back to 1957 and there are a number of games missing prior to 1970, but the data still provides interesting numbers from the past half century.

In 2007, Josh Fogg of the Colorado Rockies led all pitchers with ten triples allowed. Kip Wells and Tim Hudson tied for second place, with nine. The AL leader was Chad Gaudin, with eight. Only twenty pitchers since 1957 have allowed fourteen or more triples in a single season.

Most Triples Allowed in a Season, 1957-2007

Larry ChristensonPHI197617168.2
Jim PerryMIN197117270.0
Bret SaberhagenKCR198816260.2
Paul ThormodsgardMIN197716218.0
Tony CloningerMLN196416242.2
Chris ShortPHI196316198.0
Jason SchmidtPIT199915212.2
Rick SutcliffeCLE/CHC198414244.2
Randy JonesSDP197914263.0
Craig SwanNYM197914251.1
Jim BarrSFG197714234.1
Dave GoltzMIN197714303.0
Jim KaatPHI197714160.1
Jim Barr SFG197514244.0
Bill GreifSDP197414226.0
Steve CarltonPHI197314293.1
Gaylord PerrySFG197014328.2
Mike McCormickWSA196614216.0
Bob FriendPIT196014275.2
Curt SimmonsPHI195714212.0

I'm kind of surprised only two of these season occurred in the 1980's. I would've thought there would be more of a balance between the 1970's and 1980's, but maybe pitchers threw fewer innings and had less of an opportunity to join the list.

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