Sunday, March 16, 2008

Most Career Home Runs by Height

Not much of an introduction here. Below is a list of the career home run leaders at each listed height. At least one major league player in history was listed at each height below.

Most Career Home Runs by Height, 1876-2007

3'7"Eddie Gaedel01951
5'3"Cub Stricker121882-1893
5'4"Hugh Nicol51881-1890
5'5"Freddie Patek411968-1981
5'6"Hack Wilson2441923-1934
5'7"Joe Morgan2681963-1984
5'8"Yogi Berra3581946-1965
5'9"Mel Ott5111926-1947
5'10"Rickey Henderson2971979-2003
5'11"Willie Mays6601951-1973
6'0"Hank Aaron7551954-1976
6'1"Barry Bonds7621986-2007
6'2"Babe Ruth7141914-1935
6'3"Ken Griffey Jr.5931989-2007
6'4"Willie McCovey5211959-1980
6'5"Mark McGwire5831986-2001
6'6"Dave Winfield4651973-1995
6'7"Frank Howard3821958-1973
6'8"Richie Sexson2941997-2007
6'9"Mark Hendrickson12002-2007
6'10"Randy Johnson11988-2007
6'11"Jon Rauch12002-2007

Here are the active career home run leaders at each listed height, provided a current major league player is listed at that height.

Most Career Home Runs Among Active Players, By Height

HeightNameHRHR Behind
5'6"David Eckstein30214
5'7"Fabio Castro0268
5'8"Ray Durham186172
5'9"Ivan Rodriguez288223
5'10"Brian Giles27324
5'11"Gary Sheffield480180
6'0"Sammy Sosa609146
6'1"Barry Bonds7620
6'2"Jason Giambi364350
6'3"Ken Griffey Jr.5930
6'4"Jim Thome50714
6'5"Frank Thomas51370
6'6"Adam Dunn238227
6'7"Tony Clark244138
6'8"Richie Sexson2940
6'9"Mark Hendrickson10
6'10"Randy Johnson10
6'11"Jon Rauch10


KL Snow said...

Here's one that's been bugging me since you posted the WHIP and H/IP lists last week: What pitcher with over 1000 IP has the most BB/IP?

TheJay said...

Tommy Byrne, by far. He had 6.85 BB/9 in 1362 IP (or .76 BB/IP), while second place belongs to Mickey McDermott, who had "only" 5.73 BB/9 in 1316.2 IP (or .64 BB/IP). AL umpires in the 1940's and 1950's called a ton of balls.

I should post the full list since posting only WHIP and H/IP does kind of leave people hanging.