Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Slugging Percentage is for Wussies

I've gone kind of crazy with different streaks lately and that will unapologetically continue today. A few weeks ago, I made a list of what I called Anti-DiMaggios, players with the longest streak of consecutive games played without a hit. Today features another negative streak, though not as harmful as going hitless. I've looked up all the position players who have gone at least sixty-five consecutive games without an extra base hit. Remember, for hitting streaks, a game only counts if the player gets an at-bat or sacrifice fly (pinch-hit walks don't snap them).

I thought about calling these guys the Anti-Griffey/Mattingly/Longs, after the players holding the record for consecutive games with a home run, but that doesn't quite fit (and it's pretty cumbersome). "Anti-Joneses" is an option, but how many people can identify Chipper Jones as the guy who holds the record for consecutive games with an extra base hit (more on that later)? Maybe "Swatless Swingers" would work, but it sounds pretty corny. Whatever you call them, you can't deny their lack of power.

Most Consecutive Games With Zero Extra Base Hits, 1956-2008

Greg Gross1001566/5/19889/27/1989
Luis Gomez881985/29/19745/28/1976
Scott Pose871515/30/19999/29/2000
Jose Valdivielso802216/19/19605/30/1961
Manny Mota75755/26/19789/1/1982
Junior Noboa741115/27/19914/7/1994
Tom Hutton73867/5/19797/15/1980
Mike Mordecai711274/25/19976/16/1998
Dal Maxvill691844/9/19707/19/1970

Frank Baumholtz691024/22/19565/26/1957
Jose Oquendo681667/19/19926/14/1994

Wayne Tolleson682105/28/19876/11/1988

Denny Walling681136/15/19826/26/1983
Stan Javier67946/29/19915/18/1992

Larry Lintz672169/3/19748/26/1975

Al Weis671587/16/19658/17/1966
Manny Mota66715/26/19747/9/1975

Mike Fiore66955/22/19708/10/1971
Duane Kuiper651098/22/19839/7/1984

Marty Keough65909/27/19647/6/1966

Phil Gagliano651367/9/19695/4/1971

The longest "active" streak belongs to Orlando Palmeiro (44 games), but he's retired. The next longest current streak is 33 games belonging to Jason Wood, but he's now playing for the Marlins' AAA affiliate in Albuquerque. That means the longest active streak for a player currently on a major league roster is 31 games (through 4/21/08), belonging to Willie Bloomquist of the Mariners. Mark Sweeney of the Dodgers is right behind him at 30 games.

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