Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Most Career Triples, No Stolen Bases

A triple is often considered one of the most exciting plays in baseball. There's a combination of a hard-hit ball, speed around the bases, and usually a close play at third base. Sometimes, however, even the slowest hitters on the team can wind up with a three base hit. Cases in point: Well-known large, slow man Cecil Fielder had seven career triples and Eddie Perez had two career triples despite his near-glacial speed.

Usually, however, even the slow guys who get triples also manage to steal a base or two at some point in their career. It took him ten seasons, but Fielder had two in his career and even Eddie Perez stole a base (off Gregg Zaun, for what it's worth). Rare indeed is the player who manages to rap out a triple without stealing a base in his career. Fewer still have managed to hit multiple triples without stealing a base: only twenty-one position players since 1901 have hit at least five triples without ever successfully stealing a base.

Most Career Triples, Zero Career Stolen Bases, 1901-2007
* - active player

Now that I've posted this, Adrian Gonzalez or Javier Valentin will probably steal a base tonight.

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jimmyb1799 said...

Javier Valentine could not steal a base if his life depended on it :) Adrian Gonzalez could though...