Friday, April 18, 2008

Team Scoreless Streaks and SHO%

Last weekend, regular reader Ken alerted me to the fact the Royals hadn't scored in 26 innings (they scored in the first inning the next day). He noted that he didn't think this was a record for them but thought it might be an interesting topic for a post. I thought that was a good idea and looked up the Royals record (32 innings from July 5 through July 9, 2004). Unfortunately, the numbers for other teams were harder to figure out, at least the way I was approaching the task, so I decided to look up a couple other shutout-related team numbers.

First up is the longest streak of consecutive games in which each MLB team has been shut out since 1956. I've also noted the frequency of that number of consecutive games for each team and the dates of the most recent such stretch of games.

Consecutive Games Shut Out For Each MLB Team, 1956-2007

Arizona Diamondbacks245/29/20045/30/2004
Atlanta Braves415/8/19855/12/1985
Baltimore Orioles317/29/19577/31/1957
Boston Red Sox334/27/19814/29/1981
Chicago Cubs424/27/19925/1/1992
Chicago White Sox347/21/19687/24/1968
Cincinnati Reds314/18/19894/21/1989
Cleveland Indians356/12/19916/14/1991
Colorado Rockies247/21/20077/22/2007
Detroit Tigers349/29/199510/1/1995
Florida Marlins266/21/20056/22/2005
Houston Astros429/9/19669/11/1966
Kansas City Royals317/5/20047/7/2004
Los Angeles Angels316/24/19786/26/1978
Los Angeles Dodgers338/5/20078/8/2007
Milwaukee Brewers315/3/19725/6/1972
Minnesota Twins419/19/19589/22/1958
New York Mets337/25/19927/27/1992
New York Yankees337/27/19757/28/1975
Oakland Athletics349/9/19799/12/1979
Philadelphia Phillies375/20/19835/24/1983
Pittsburgh Pirates338/28/19688/30/1968
San Diego Padres337/5/19767/7/1976
San Francisco Giants336/23/19926/25/1992
Seattle Mariners2237/21/20077/22/2007
St. Louis Cardinals3210/2/197610/3/1976
Tampa Bay Rays244/28/20044/29/2004
Texas Rangers419/1/19649/5/1964
Toronto Blue Jays328/24/19908/26/1990
Washington Nationals334/13/20044/15/2004

That table might not have been particularly thrilling. I do think it's interesting how the Mariners have hit two games in a row so often but never quite made it to three in a row. While I was looking up shutout data, I decided to check out the number of times shut out and total games played for each franchise since 1956. Obviously expansion teams have played fewer games and many have the advantage of playing in more run-friendly era for most of their existence, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

Times Shut Out and Games Played, 1956-2007

Shut Out
Total Games
New York Mets53073207.24
San Diego Padres44761947.22
Washington Nationals43761887.06
Los Angeles Angels52374876.99
Houston Astros50273296.85
Chicago Cubs54882576.64
Philadelphia Phillies54382536.58
Texas Rangers48774736.52
Pittsburgh Pirates53282486.45
Minnesota Twins52082546.30
Atlanta Braves51882486.28
Los Angeles Dodgers51682586.25
Oakland Athletics51182566.19
Tampa Bay Rays10016176.18
Baltimore Orioles50582396.13
St. Louis Cardinals50582516.12
Kansas City Royals37661816.08
Cleveland Indians50182386.08
San Francisco Giants49682576.01
Chicago White Sox48682545.89
Detroit Tigers48282575.84
Florida Marlins13623635.76
Milwaukee Brewers35561895.74
New York Yankees46982525.68
Seattle Mariners27748995.65
Arizona Diamondbacks9016205.56
Toronto Blue Jays27149005.53
Cincinnati Reds45282535.48
Boston Red Sox44482515.38
Colorado Rockies11423684.81


Anonymous said...

I remember the Orioles being shut out in both ends of a doubleheader. I think it was in the 1970's.

TestForEcho said...

The scoreless streak has now reached 43 innings for the Royals. I was at last Thursday's game when they scored their last run in the second inning. This is horrible.