Saturday, June 28, 2008

Designated Hitting Families

My dad came up with the idea for this post during last night's Brewers-Twins game. Prince Fielder, the son of former slugger Cecil Fielder, was Milwaukee's DH. Knowing Cecil often filled the DH role on his teams, my dad wondered which father and son had combined for the most games as a designated hitter.

Since the DH rule has only been around since 1973, there haven't been that many fathers and sons who could have both been designated hitters. There have been twenty-one fathers who spent at least one game at DH with twenty-five sons who also spent at least one game as a designated hitter. In addition, there are fourteen other families who had a father and son both play after 1973 but who didn't each spend time as a designated hitter. I'll list the fathers and sons who both spent time as a DH below first and then follow that with the combinations that didn't both DH. Note I've summed the three numbers for the families with two siblings that both were DH's.

Most Games as a DH for a Father/Son Combination
Through June 27, 2008

RankFather (DH Games)Son (DH Games)Total DH Games
1Hal McRae (1427)Brian McRae (19)1446
Cecil Fielder (535)Prince Fielder (11)546
Tom Grieve (195)Ben Grieve (105)300
Jerry Hairston, Sr. (125) Jerry Hairston, Jr. (33)
Scott Hairston (3)
Tim Raines, Sr. (131)Tim Raines, Jr. (5)136
Tony Perez (82)Eduardo Perez (50)132
Bobby Bonds (81)Barry Bonds (39)120
Gary Ward (101)Daryle Ward (14)115
Ken Griffey, Sr. (14)Ken Griffey, Jr. (74)88
Sandy Alomar, Sr. (30)Roberto Alomar (25)
Sandy Alomar, Jr. (14)
11Gary Matthews, Sr. (39)Gary Matthews, Jr. (22)61
12Dave May (23)Derrick May (11)34
Buddy Bell (24)David Bell (1)
Mike Bell (0)
14Dave Duncan (10)Shelley Duncan (10)
Chris Duncan (4)
15Tony Gwynn, Sr. (15)Tony Gwynn, Jr. (1)16
16Dennis Werth (12)Jayson Werth (3)15
17Jose Cruz, Sr. (12)Jose Cruz, Jr. (2)14
18Bob Boone (1)Bret Boone (4)
Aaron Boone (2)
19Johnny Jeter (3)Shawn Jeter (3)6
Fred Kendall (2)Jason Kendall (3)5
21Ed Crosby (1)Bobby Crosby (2)3

Of the sons on this list, only eleven haven't played so far this season. In fact, Daryle Ward is playing as a DH for the Cubs while I post this so his number is already out of date. That's why there's a "Through June 27, 2008" up on top, though. :)

As promised, the families who have played since the start of the 1973 season that didn't manage to have both generations DH (yet) are as follows:
  • Felipe and Moises Alou
  • Jesse and Josh Barfield
  • Jeff and Sean Burroughs
  • Jerry and Jeff DaVanon
  • Bill and Brandon Fahey
  • Randy and Todd Hundley
  • Don and Keith Kessinger
  • Clyde and Damon Mashore
  • Dave and Cody McKay
  • Manny, Andy, and Jose Mota
  • Tony Pena, Sr. and Tony Pena, Jr.
  • Pete Rose, Sr. and Pete Rose, Jr.
  • Steve and Nick Swisher
  • John and Dusty Wathan

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