Monday, June 30, 2008

Five-and-Ten Players

Article XIX, Section A(1) of the 2007-2011 Basic Agreement states:
The contract of a Player with ten or more years of Major League service, the last five of which have been with one Club, shall not be assignable to another Major League Club without the Player’s written consent. No consent from a Player shall be considered effective until twenty-four hours from the Club’s request to the Player for such consent. At his sole election, however, a Player may, at the time he signs a multi-year contract with a Club, waive the right to prevent an assignment of his contract under this Section A(1), provided that the multi-year contract (a) is signed before the Player has attained ten or more years of Major League service, the last five of which have been with one Club, and (b) contains a no-trade provision that, at a minimum, limits the Club’s right to assign the Player’s contract, during each of its years, to no more than sixteen (16) Clubs designated or subsequently to be designated by the Player.
Basically, any player with ten years of major league service time who has spent the last five years with one team gets an automatic trade refusal clause. This is sometimes called the "Five-and-Ten" rule and I thought it'd be interesting to post the players who currently fall under it and who will gain five-and-ten status at some point later this year. Obviously some of these guys might not be traded in any circumstances, but it's worth knowing who has the potential to screw up your favorite trade proposal by not wanting to move.

NOTE: Some of these players may have multi-year contracts that restrict their trade refusal rights to a certain number of clubs as explained in the quoted paragraph. I've tried to be as accurate as possible when exact dates are given for achieving five-and-ten status.

2008 Five-and-Ten Rule Players
(red text indicates no trade clause under current contract as explained above)
(blue text indicates contract ends or club option exists after 2008 season)

  • Atlanta Braves
    • Mike Hampton
    • Chipper Jones
    • John Smoltz

  • Boston Red Sox
    • David Ortiz (July 30)
    • Manny Ramirez
    • Curt Schilling (following season)
    • Mike Timlin
    • Jason Varitek
    • Tim Wakefield

  • Chicago Cubs
    • Ryan Dempster (following season)
    • Derrek Lee (following season)
    • Kerry Wood

  • Chicago White Sox
    • Paul Konerko

  • Cincinnati Reds
    • Ken Griffey Jr.

  • Colorado Rockies
    • Todd Helton

  • Detroit Tigers
    • Carlos Guillen (following season)
    • Ivan Rodriguez (following season)

  • Houston Astros
    • Brad Ausmus

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
    • Garret Anderson
    • Kelvim Escobar (following season)
    • Vladimir Guerrero (following season)

  • New York Yankees
    • Jason Giambi
    • Derek Jeter
    • Mike Mussina
    • Jorge Posada
    • Mariano Rivera
    • Alex Rodriguez (following season)

  • Oakland Athletics
    • Eric Chavez (August 27)

  • San Diego Padres
    • Brian Giles (August 17)
    • Trevor Hoffman

  • San Francisco Giants
    • Ray Durham

  • Seattle Mariners
    • Raul Ibanez

  • St. Louis Cardinals
    • Chris Carpenter (following season)
    • Jason Isringhausen

  • Toronto Blue Jays
    • Gregg Zaun (following season)
The players that are listed as achieving five-and-ten status following the season technically get it on the 172nd day of this year's championship season, or September 18. Since players can't be traded that late in the season I figured it was easier just to note they get those rights after the season concludes.

I suppose 22 (and 35 after the season) out of the approximately 800 players currently on an active roster or disabled list isn't very many to get worked up about, but this is one of those rules that might happen to get overlooked.

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