Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fewest IP Per Win & Most IP Without a Win

In the low minor leagues, teams have begun intensely limiting pitcher workloads. For a lot of young starting pitchers, this can make it tough to last the five innings necessary for a win. A necessary result is an increased number of wins going to relievers. Some of the more obvious examples: Dan Meadows of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers has 10 wins in 47 1/3 innings. Eddie Gamboa of the Delmarva Shorebirds has six wins in 33 1/3 innings. Joey Williamson has seven wins in 41 1/3 innings.

The majors are obviously a different story as starting pitchers who don't last five innings are quickly washed out of the rotation. Those pitchers certainly have difficulty racking up wins as well. However, some pitchers in the majors actually have picked up wins while throwing relatively few innings.

Fewest Innings Pitched Per Win in a Season
(minimum 5 wins)

Roy Face19655-220 1/34.1
Scott Eyre20085-025 2/35.1
Roy Face195918-193 1/35.2
Gene Stechschulte20026-2325.3
Yhency Brazoban20046-232 2/35.4
John Franco19926-2335.5
Johnny Murphy194312-4685.7
Bill Risley19949-652 1/35.8
Arthur Rhodes19969-1535.9
Tom Gordon20085-429 2/35.9

Roy Face's career is pretty impressive. Despite standing only 5'8", he was the Pirates' closer before closers and saves were invented, Face appeared in 57 games, finishing 47 of them. Retroactively assigning saves through his career gives him a total of 193, good for second all-time when his career finished. Obviously in 1959 and 1965, he benefited from timely offense behind him.

Of course, for every pitcher like those above, there has been one that couldn't buy a win.

Most Innings Pitched in a Season Without a Win
  • Terry Felton, 1982 Twins, 117 1/3
  • Stump Weidman, 1880 Buffalo, 113 2/3
  • Diego Segui, 1977 Mariners, 110 2/3
  • Russ Miller, 1928 Phillies, 108
  • Steve Sparks, 2003 Tigers/Athletics, 107
  • Bob Moorhead, 1962 Mets, 105 1/3
  • Bob Shirley, 1986 Yankees, 105 1/3
  • Steve Gerkin, 1945 Athletics, 102
  • John Malarkey, 1895 Washington, 100 2/3
  • Wes Stock, 1965 Athletics, 99 2/3
Moorhead had the fewest decisions of all those pitchers, going 0-2 with a 4.53 ERA, mostly in relief. Shirley and Stock were both 0-4.

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