Sunday, June 14, 2009


A couple days ago I was reading baseball news and came across this AP story about the Twins activating Nick Punto on Yahoo. The part that caught my eye:

The switch-hitter has been a valuable utility player for the Twins since 2005.

I saw that and chuckled about his abysmal hitting in 2007 and so far this year (until missing time he had the lowest SLG among qualifiers by about 40 points). Taking a further look, though, I wonder if he just has a serious aversion to odd-numbered years. Punto's batting lines each season since 2005:

2005: 439 PA, .239/.301/.335, 68 OPS+
2006: 524 PA, .290/.352/.373, 90 OPS+
2007: 536 PA, .210/.291/.271, 52 OPS+
2008: 377 PA, .284/.344/.382, 99 OPS+
2009: 157 PA, .202/.303/.225, 47 OPS+


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