Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grand Slams by Pitchers

Here is a list of all the grand slams hit by pitchers since 1954:

4/22/1956Don LarsenNYYBOSFrank Sullivan42-1
7/10/1958Lew BurdetteMLN@LADJohnny Podres40-0
4/15/1959Bob GrimKCA@CHWBarry Latman34-0
8/1/1959Bob PurkeyCINCHCJohn Buzhardt35-2
8/14/1960Camilo PascualWSH@NYYBob Turley61-1
8/9/1961Don DrysdaleLADMLNDon Nottebart21-1
5/30/1962Pedro RamosCLE@BALChuck Estrada63-0
8/2/1962Art MahaffeyPHI@NYMCraig Anderson32-1
5/31/1963Orlando PenaKCAWSAClaude Osteen54-3
7/15/1963Carl WilleyNYMHOUKen Johnson21-2
4/27/1965Camilo PascualMIN@CLEStan Williams13-0
7/20/1965Mel StottlemyreNYYBOSBill Monbouquett52-1
9/29/1965Bob GibsonSTL@SFGGaylord Perry84-0
7/3/1966Tony CloningerATL@SFGBob Priddy13-0
7/3/1966Tony CloningerATL@SFGRay Sadecki49-0
8/13/1966Earl WilsonDET@BOSDan Osinski76-1
5/20/1967Jack HamiltonNYMSTLAl Jackson20-0
6/1/1967John O'DonoghueCLE@DETDenny McLain62-0
5/5/1968Gary PetersCHWNYYAl Downing41-0
7/28/1968Al McBeanPITSTLLarry Jaster53-1
8/26/1968Dave McNallyBALOAKChuck Dobson13-0
7/9/1969Fred TalbotSEPCALEddie Fisher63-0
9/4/1970Mike CorkinsSDP@CINJim Merritt43-0
5/11/1971Steve DunningCLEOAKDiego Segui21-0
8/28/1971Rick WisePHISFGDon McMahon73-3
9/16/1972Burt HootonCHCNYMTom Seaver34-1
7/26/1973Bob GibsonSTLNYMJohn Strohmayer56-1
8/21/1973Rick WiseSTL@ATLRoric Harrison33-0
6/24/1974Jim LonborgPHI@MONChuck Taylor34-0
7/6/1977Don StanhouseMON@CHCBill Bonham21-1
9/27/1977Larry ChristensonPHI@CHCDennis Lamp77-2
8/26/1979Bruce KisonPIT@SDPBob Shirley21-0
10/1/1980Enrique RomoPIT@NYMRoy Lee Jackson86-3
9/11/1982Scott SandersonMON@CHCRandy Martz33-1
5/15/1984Joaquin AndujarSTLATLJeff Dedmon85-1
5/16/1984Steve CarltonPHI@LADFernando Valenzu41-1
9/12/1985Don RobinsonPITCHCWarren Brusstar86-2
8/10/1986Bob ForschSTLPITMike Bielecki51-0
5/29/1995Chris HammondFLAHOUShane Reynolds20-2
6/27/1995Denny NeaglePIT@CHCJim Bullinger62-2
8/25/1995Jeff JudenPHILADJohn Cummings410-2
9/7/1996Donovan OsborneSTLSDPAndy Ashby51-1
7/20/1998Kevin TapaniCHC@ATLDenny Neagle31-0
9/2/1998Kent MerckerSTL@FLAJesus Sanchez43-0
5/24/2000Shawn EstesSFGMONMike Johnson57-0
9/29/2001Denny NeagleCOLMILJimmy Haynes49-6
6/2/2002Robert PersonPHIMONBruce Chen13-0
7/7/2006Dontrelle WillisFLA@NYMJose Lima43-0
6/23/2008Felix HernandezSEA@NYMJohan Santana20-0
9/22/2008Jason MarquisCHC@NYMJonathon Niese42-2
10/1/2009Chris CarpenterSTL@CINKip Wells21-0

UPDATE: Two pitchers have hit postseason grand slams. Both were on the same team in the same year. On October 3, 1970, Baltimore's Mike Cuellar hit one off Minnesota's Jim Perry in Game 1 of the ALCS. Ten days later, Dave McNally hit one in Game 3 of the World Series off Cincinnati's Wayne Granger.


renvian parthon said...

Yeah Bob Gibson is always on top of best pitchers of all time list. Do you agree? He was very popular baseball player and represented his team quite well. For my cousin, he is the ideal and he wants to play the game like him.
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KF-in-Georgia said...

Add Jaime Garcia, Atlanta Braves, tonight against the Dodgers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I believe you should it was a great game I cought the home run ball

Anonymous said...

Some say Atlanta Brave Tony Cloninger's record of 2 slams in a game by a pitcher will never be equaled, owning to the platooning of pitchers during a game which now common. (relievers) and of course, the DH in the AL. BUT.....Tony accomplished his feat in just the first 4 innings....
After the historic game he dead-panned " How come no one asked me about my pitching today?"