Sunday, October 18, 2009

Most Career PA, Zero Triples

Admittedly I don't watch him all that often, but Ryan Howard doesn't seem like a very fast ballplayer to me. Call it an assumption about large first basemen. Howard hit a triple in tonight's NLCS game and I figured it had to be one of only a few in his career. It turns out it was his first in postseason play, but twelfth overall in his major league career. Not only that, but he stole eight bases this year. You learn something new every day, I suppose.

It seems as though if a player plays long enough, he'll wind up hitting a triple. Cecil Fielder had six triples by the time he swiped his first base, over 1000 games into his career. Javier Valentin may never have attempted to steal a base but he legged out five triples in his career. Bill Schroeder, a run-of-the-mill 1980s catcher, brags about how his only career triple, also his first major league hit, must have screwed up scouting reports on him for a while.

But not every player is lucky enough to accomplish the career cycle. The following players just couldn't hit it far enough away from the defense to run 270 feet.

Most Career PA, Zero Triples
(position players)
  1. Johnny Estrada, 2244
  2. Jason Phillips, 1537
  3. Mark Parent, 1428
  4. Craig Worthington, 1423
  5. Ramon Castro, 1400*
  6. Sal Fasano, 1245*
  7. Earl Averill, 1217
  8. Aaron Guiel, 1099
  9. Kelly Shoppach, 1043*
  10. Doc Edwards, 973
  11. Jim Traber, 897
  12. Geronimo Gil, 887
  13. Chris Coste, 885*
  14. Jeff Mathis, 861*
  15. Troy Neel, 861
  16. Bob Uecker, 843
  17. Brian Giles, 791
  18. Hawk Taylor, 766
  19. Bob Burda, 723
  20. Scott Hemond, 687
* - active player (majors or minors in 2009)

Worthington (3B), Guiel (RF), Traber (1B), Neel (1B), Giles (2B), and Burda (1B) are the non-catchers on the above list. Giles, not related to the current Padre, actually stole seventeen bases one season. Of course, he was caught ten times that year. The active non-catcher leader is Scott Thorman, with 440. Thorman spent 2009 in AAA with Kansas City and Texas. Among players who appeared in the majors in 2009, Paul Janish is the active leader with 381. Robert Andino is seven behind Janish.

Most Career PA, Zero Triples
  1. Gaylord Perry, 1220
  2. Whitey Ford, 1208
  3. Tommy John, 1030
  4. Lefty Gomez, 1024
  5. Bob Buhl, 952
  6. Burt Hooten, 913
  7. Curt Davis, 904
  8. Andy Benes, 880
  9. Larry Dierker, 876
  10. Sandy Koufax, 858
  11. Dave McNally, 848
  12. Rick Rhoden, 830
  13. Andy Messersmith, 826
  14. Mike Krukow, 819
  15. Dick Donovan, 801
  16. Darryl Kile, 786
  17. Ken Raffensberger, 779
  18. Dean Chance, 759
  19. Pat Malone, 752
  20. Mike Scott, 743
No active players are in the top twenty. The active leader is Jason Schmidt with 712. Randy Johnson is at 691 and Roy Oswalt is third with 670. One notable in the above list: Bob Buhl's 0 for 70 in 1962 is a record for hitting futility.


Anonymous said...
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Justin said...

Earl Averill's name jumped off that list to me...not only was he a CF, I thought he was fast.

Turns out he had 128 triples and led the league once. Great list otherwise.

Theron Schultz said...

The Earl Averill on this list is his son of the same name. He was a C/LF/3B. I should have made it clearer.

Justin said...

Never considered the younger.

Should have known you'd be better than that! Keep up the good shit.