Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chris Capuano

Anyone following the Brewers lately has surely heard about Chris Capuano's unfortunate streak: the team has lost his last 15 starts. Thanks to the Baseball Reference Play Index and Retrosheet, we can come up with the list of all the players who have started 15 or more consecutive games their team lost since 1957.

Here we go:
  • Mark Redman, 16 starts for Pittsburgh and Kansas City from 7/30/2005 to 5/19/2006
  • Geremi Gonzalez, 16 starts for Tampa Bay and Boston from 8/24/2003 to 5/2/2005
  • Jim Lonborg, 16 starts for Boston from 6/13/1969 to 9/16/1969
  • Chris Capuano, 15 starts for Milwaukee from 5/13/2007 to 8/14/2007
  • Matt Beech, 15 starts for Philadelphia from 9/17/1996 to 8/2/1997
  • Bobby Munoz, 15 starts for Philadelphia from 8/2/1994 to 4/20/1997
  • Rick Honeycutt, 15 starts for Los Angeles and Oakland, 5/18/1987 to 9/13/1987
  • Jerry Reuss, 15 starts for Los Angeles and Cincinnati, 5/18/1986 to 6/12/1987
As you can see, a Brewers loss tomorrow means Capuano ties the record since 1957. The truly unfortunate thing is he's not this bad a pitcher and, from everything I've heard, a really great guy. Hopefully, for his sake, he gets the monkey off his back and posts a win tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Brewers lost, meaning Capuano now has tied the record for most consecutive starts without a team win.

UPDATE #2: Capuano heads into 2008 with his streak active at 18 consecutive starts.

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