Sunday, August 26, 2007

Who Needs A Bullpen?

A few days ago I looked at pitchers who had trouble getting through five or more innings per start in a season. Today I want to do the opposite. In order to differentiate between innings as a starter and reliever in the same season, I limited the search to the years 1957-2007. Here's the list of every pitcher to make more than 20 starts in a season and average eight or more innings per start.

Bob Gibson196935314.08.97
Bob Gibson196834304.78.96
Rick Langford198033287.78.72
Gaylord Perry197437322.38.71
Bob Gibson197034294.08.65
Mark Fidrych197629249.38.60
Juan Marichal196838326.08.58
Gaylord Perry197240341.78.54
Juan Marichal196636306.08.50
Jim Palmer197538322.38.48
Frank Tanana197634288.38.48
Steve Carlton197241346.38.45
Steve McCatty198122185.78.44
Catfish Hunter197539328.08.41
Gaylord Perry197341344.08.39
Mickey Lolich197145376.08.36
Ferguson Jenkins197139325.08.33
Nolan Ryan197339323.78.30
Juan Marichal196936298.78.30
Catfish Hunter197636298.78.30
Gaylord Perry196939323.38.29
Bert Blyleven197636297.78.27
Mike Caldwell197834281.08.26
Gaylord Perry197537305.78.26
Denny McLain196841336.08.20
Luis Tiant197438311.38.19
Bob Gibson196536294.78.19
Jim Palmer197739319.08.18
Bob Gibson197234278.08.18
Tom Seaver197135285.78.16
Larry Dierker196937301.38.14
Rick Langford198124195.38.14
Sandy Koufax196541333.78.14
Bert Blyleven197340325.08.13
Nolan Ryan197737299.08.08
Greg Maddux199425202.08.08
Ron Guidry198331250.38.08
Nolan Ryan197441331.08.07
Tom Seaver197036290.38.06
Vida Blue197637298.38.06
Tom Seaver197336290.08.06
Mario Soto198334273.78.05
Ferguson Jenkins197236289.38.04
Don Drysdale196440321.38.03
Bill Lee197333265.08.03
Vern Law195933265.08.03
Phil Niekro196720160.38.02
Gaylord Perry197041328.78.02
Camilo Pascual196331248.38.01
Bob Gibson196635280.38.01
Jim Colborn197336288.38.01
Warren Spahn195836288.38.01
Ferguson Jenkins197039312.38.01
Ferguson Jenkins197441328.38.01
Vida Blue197139312.08.00
Steve Carlton198038304.08.00

That's a lot of innings pitched! It's interesting to me that of the 56 seasons listed, 39 of them took place in the decade from 1968-1977. A number of guys had more than one season on the list: Bert Blyleven (2), Bob Gibson (6), Catfish Hunter (2), Ferguson Jenkins (4), Gaylord Perry (6), Jim Palmer (2), Juan Marichal (3), Nolan Ryan (3), Rick Langford (2), Steve Carlton (2), Tom Seaver (3), and Vida Blue (2) were the multiple entrants. Greg Maddux is the only pitcher since 1983 to appear on the list. I doubt another guy will show up on it anytime soon. Say the average starter makes 33 starts per year now; he would have to pitch 264 innings in those starts to make the cut.

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