Friday, August 17, 2007

Ridiculously Low Walk Rates

Given the upswing in popularity of stats like on-base percentage over recent years, I thought it'd be fun to look at guys for whom a base on balls was anathema, or worse.

Only six players have managed to take only one walk in 150+ PA in a single season:

Andy Kosco1970228
Kim Batiste1994214
Doc Powers1906192
Al Cuccinello1935173
Walter Schmidt1922156
Gus Getz1909153

Only nine players have ever managed to amass more than 200 PA in a single season with only two bases on balls:

Whitey Alperman1909442
Rob Picciolo1980281
Shawon Dunston1999255
Jack Slattery1903228
Oscar Azocar1990218
Gus Getz1914218
Ivan Murrell1973216
Todd Greene2003210
Boss Schmidt1910207

Five guys have taken three walks in over 250+ PA:

Ossee Schreckengost1905429
Rob Picciolo1979363
John Warner1901305
Pat Hynes1904264
Tommy Thevenow1933262

Three players took four walks in 300+ PA: Alfredo Griffin in 441 PA in 1984, Bill Killefer in 375 PA in 1913, and Art Hoelskoetter in 330 PA in 1906.

Rounding out the list of guys with five or less walks, three players have taken five walks in 350+ PA: Hal Lanier had 401 PA in 1964, Boss Schmidt had 371 in 1907, and Ellis Valentine did it in 350 PA in 1982. Ivan Rodriguez currently has 5 BB in 2007 in 396 PA.

Let's look at the worst walk rates in those tables.

NameYearPA per BB
Andy Kosco1970228
Whitey Alperman1909221
Kim Batiste1994214
Doc Powers1906192
Al Cuccinello1935173

What about those pesky folks with a walk rate of zero? Here's the eight seasons of over 100 PA with no bases on balls:
  1. Craig Robinson, 1973, 148
  2. Alejandro Sanchez, 1985, 133
  3. Ernie Bowman, 1963, 131
  4. Rob Picciolo, 1984, 128
  5. Harry Bemis, 1909, 126
  6. Champ Osteen, 1908, 115
  7. Bert Adams, 1917, 111
  8. Gus Getz, 1916, 102
Finally, what about those guys who couldn't help but have a walk rate over zero? Here's the top 5 seasons by PA with the only walks being of the intentional variety:
  1. Jose Morales, 1976, 165 (3 IBB)
  2. Nelson Santovenia, 1991, 102 (2 IBB)
  3. Junior Noboa, 1991, 96
  4. Felix Millan, 1966, 93 (2 IBB)
  5. Leo Sutherland, 1980, 92

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