Friday, September 28, 2007

Highest Slugging Percentage, AVG under .240

In the Daily Tracker posts, I keep pointing out Rickie Weeks's uncommon season in relation to batting average and on base percentage. In honor of his two home runs last night giving him fifteen for the year, I decided to look up players with the highest slugging percentage with a batting average under .240. Why .240 and not something more round like .250? Simply because I wanted to keep it close to what Weeks will end up with. I made the report only return qualifiers for the batting title (usually 502 PA, though strike years are different) since it's almost the end of the season. Weeks likely will end up qualifying as he needs 11 plate appearances in three games and he bats leadoff. His current batting line is .235/.375/.432.

Here's the top 20 slugging percentages by players with batting averages below .240:

Jose Canseco1998.237.518
Mickey Tettleton1995.238.510
Phil Plantier1993.240.509
Dave Kingman1976.238.506
Rob Deer1986.232.494
Dave Kingman1975.231.494
Adam Dunn2006.234.490
Mark McGwire1990.235.489
Carlton Fisk1985.238.488
Jeromy Burnitz2003.239.487
Mike Cameron2004.231.479
Mike Pagliarulo1987.234.479
Jose Valentin2004.216.473
Gorman Thomas1980.239.471
Gus Zernial1957.236.471
Pat Seerey1946.225.470
Mickey Tettleton1992.238.469
Mark McGwire1989.231.467
Darryl Strawberry1989.225.466
Mike Pagliarulo1986.238.464

Rickie Weeks' .432 slugging average this year would place him into an exact tie with Rob Deer's 1990 for 63rd place (both would have .431818181818 and so on).

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