Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who needs Hits?

Rickie Weeks of the Milwaukee Brewers has 74 hits in 323 at bats this season, "good" for a .229 batting average. He has shown good plate discipline and a proclivity to be hit with pitches, taking 56 walks and being hit 12 times. Altogether, he's reached base 142 times in 395 plate appearances. Taking out his three sacrifice hits, he's got a .362 on base percentage. Not bad for a guy who can't put the bat on the ball very well. Here's a list of the players since 1901 that have had a lower batting average and a higher on base percentage in at least 395 plate appearances (I used 392 when I posted this on Brew Crew Ball because it was in my mind after taking out his sacrifice hits).

Roy Cullenbine1947607.224.401
Wes Westrum1951474.219.400
Gene Tenace1980416.222.399
Gene Tenace1978515.224.392
Jimmy Wynn1976584.207.377
Mickey Tettleton1990559.223.376
Wes Westrum1952403.220.374
Gene Tenace1974612.211.367
Rickey Henderson2001465.227.366
Bud Harrelson1974412.227.366
Tim Salmon2001581.227.365
Donie Bush1915703.228.364
Charlie Gehringer1941537.220.363

By making the criterion 395 PA rather than 392 PA, it cuts out Roy Cullenbine's 1940 when he put up a .220/.369 line in 394 PA. Either way, Weeks is having an uncommon year.

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