Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Milwaukee Home Runs

Much ado has been made about the 2007 Brewers setting a franchise record for the most home runs in a season (the record was 216; the team has 219 coming into today) but I want to look at former Milwaukee teams and see what they did. With heavy hitters like Aaron, Mathews and Adcock, I bet the Braves put up some good years. I'll list the team, the number of games in their season, their total home runs, and what they would have done in 162 games at the same rate.

TeamGamesHome RunsHR per 162
1878 Milwaukee Grays
(National League)
1884 Milwaukee Brewers
(Union Association)
1891 Milwaukee Brewers
(American Association)
1901 Milwaukee Brewers
(American League)
1953 Milwaukee Braves154156164
1954 Milwaukee Braves154139146
1955 Milwaukee Braves154182191
1956 Milwaukee Braves154177186
1957 Milwaukee Braves154199209
1958 Milwaukee Braves154167176
1959 Milwaukee Braves154177186
1960 Milwaukee Braves154170179
1961 Milwaukee Braves154188198
1962 Milwaukee Braves162181181
1963 Milwaukee Braves162139139
1964 Milwaukee Braves162159159
1965 Milwaukee Braves162196196

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