Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Rebellious Souls

Yesterday I looked at lefthanded catchers and infielders. Today I want to look at another sort of player that doesn't come up often and doesn't stay long: guys that throw left-handed and bat right-handed. There's only three position players like that who have batted in 2007 - bonus points if you can name them (and, no, Noah Lowry's inning in right field doesn't count).

Anyway, here's the Hall of Famers to throw left, bat right.
  1. Eppa Rixey
  2. Carl Hubbell
  3. Rube Waddell
  4. Rickey Henderson (okay, he's not in yet, but c'mon)
Randy Johnson also will make the list if/when he's inducted.

Here's the only eight B-R/T-L players to play in over 1000 games:
  1. Rickey Henderson, 3081
  2. Jimmy Ryan, 2012
  3. Hal Chase, 1919
  4. Rube Bressler, 1305
  5. Jesse Orosco, 1252
  6. Cleon Jones, 1213 (if he was "normal," maybe he doesn't get hit in the foot?)
  7. Johnny Cooney, 1172
  8. Hick Carpenter, 1118
Eddie Guardado (789), Randy Johnson (567) and Jason Lane (489) top the active list.

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