Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hitters with 80+ More BB Than K in a Season Since 1901

Contact hitters don't strike out often. Patient hitters are adept at drawing walks. A hitter who can combine both skills is going to be pretty valuable. Of course, being very good at both is pretty rare. Below are the only 44 times since 1901 that a hitter has drawn 80+ more walks than strikeouts in a single season. Why did I use eighty and not some other number? Simply because it didn't make the list too long.

I find it interesting that, given the fact Joe Sewell didn't even reach double digits in strikeouts in most seasons of his career, the only time he shows up is one year he did. Lou Boudreau's 1948 season is pretty impressive. Also, given the number of guys on the list that played in the late forties, perhaps it's no wonder the league K:BB ratio dipped so much as I alluded to yesterday (or perhaps it just made it easier for them to make the list).

The fact Barry Bonds leads the list by so much brings up a good point: there are no IBB numbers for most of the players on the list on (I believe 1955 is when they start). Therefore I didn't want to take Bonds off the list without knowing if Williams would be similarly affected, so I just left it. If you're such a threat teams want to walk you instead of trying to strike you out, that's its own reward I suppose. Bonds just missed placing on the list again in 2007 with 132 free passes against 54 strikeouts. No one else was even close.

Barry Bonds200423241191.362.609.8121.422
Barry Bonds200219847151.370.582.7991.381
Ted Williams194114727120.406.553.7351.287
Ted Williams194716247115.343.499.6341.133
Ted Williams194916248114.343.490.6501.141
Ted Williams194615644112.342.497.6671.164
Ferris Fain195013326107.282.430.402.832
Eddie Stanky194514842106.258.417.333.751
Ted Williams195413632104.345.513.6351.148
Ted Williams19511444599.318.464.5561.019
Arky Vaughan19361182197.335.453.474.927
Luke Appling19491212497.301.439.394.833
Lu Blue19291263294.293.422.429.852
Lou Gehrig19351323894.329.466.5831.049
Ted Williams19421455194.356.499.6481.147
Eddie Stanky19501445094.300.460.412.872
Eddie Collins19151192792.332.460.436.896
Charlie Gehringer19381132192.306.425.486.911
Wade Boggs19881253491.366.476.490.965
Johnny Evers19101081890.263.413.321.734
Barry Bonds20031485890.341.529.7491.278
Jim Sheckard19111475889.276.434.388.822
Lou Boudreau194898989.355.453.534.987
Augie Galan19451142787.307.423.441.864
Elmer Valo19491193287.283.413.404.817
Joe Sewell1923981286.353.456.479.935
Roy Cullenbine19471375186.224.401.422.823
Ted Williams19481264185.369.497.6151.112
Ferris Fain19491365185.263.415.339.754
Elmer Valo19521011685.281.432.407.839
Tris Speaker1920971384.388.483.5621.045
Max Bishop19291284484.232.398.316.713
Mickey Cochrane19331062284.322.459.515.974
Lou Gehrig19361304684.354.478.6961.174
Charlie Gehringer19401011784.313.428.447.875
Barry Bonds20011779384.328.515.8631.379
Arky Vaughan19381042183.322.433.444.876
Luke Appling19351224082.307.437.389.826
Mickey Cochrane1935961581.319.452.450.902
Eddie Stanky19461375681.273.436.352.788
Johnny Pesky19491001981.306.408.384.792
Ralph Kiner19511375780.309.452.6271.079
Ferris Fain19531082880.256.405.345.750
Joe Morgan19751325280.327.466.508.974

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