Saturday, November 3, 2007

Most HR, Born in Eastern Hemisphere

Most players in baseball history were born in the United States or Latin American countries. I wanted to look at the players that weren't. The title is a slight misnomer, since players born in England and/or Scotland may have actually been born to the west of the Prime Meridian, making them technically part of the Western Hemisphere, but whatever.

Here are the thirteen baseball players born outside the United States and Latin American countries to reach 40 home runs:

Bobby Thomson26419461960Glasgow, Scotland
Dave Nilsson10519921999Brisbane, Australia
Hideki Matsui10320032007Kanazawa, Japan
Mike Blowers7819891999Wurzburg, W. Germany
Glenn Hubbard7019781989Hahn Air Force Base, W.Germany
Ichiro Suzuki6720012007Kasugai, Japan
Tom Brown6418821898Liverpool, England
Elmer Valo5819401961Ribnik, Czechoslovakia
Tony Solaita5019681979Nuuuli, American Samoa
John Anderson4918941908Sarpsborg, Norway
Tadahito Iguchi4220052007Tokyo, Japan
Hee Seop Choi4020022005Chun-Nam, South Korea
Hobe Ferris4019011909Trowbridge, England

If you want to get technical and say the West Germany players and the American Samoa player shouldn't be counted because they were born in areas under the control of the United States, okay. Also, if you want to get technical and look up American Samoa and see if it's actually in the Western Hemisphere (I'm not sure if it is), I'll salute you. In any case, it's cool how high Bobby Thomson set the bar.

Also, did you know that the record for most home runs hit by a player born in A Ship on (the) Atlantic Ocean is zero?

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