Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lowest OPS by a 1B in a Season Since 1920

The explanation of why I chose to look at seasons since 1920 can be found here. The short story is I wanted to avoid the low-power years of the deadball era while compiling lists of poor-hitting position players.

The qualifier for making the list is the player must have qualified for the league batting title during the season (rules throughout history are here) and he must have played at least 75% of his games during the season as a first baseman.

Here is the table of the twenty lowest seasons by OPS for a 1B since 1920:

Ivy Griffin1920PHA508.
Charlie Grimm1920PIT581.
Buddy Hassett1940BSN485.
Howie Schultz1947BRO/PHI430.223.263.319.582
Johnny Sturm1941NYY568.239.293.300.593
Joe Kuhel1943CHW617.213.319.284.603
Johnny Walker1921PHA443.258.278.329.607
Mike Squires1981CHW334.265.312.296.608
Charlie Grimm1933CHC413.247.290.320.610
Art Mahan1940PHI591.244.297.318.615
Jim Bottomley1935CIN423.258.294.323.617
Phil Todt1927BOS571.236.280.337.617
Walter Holke1921BSN621.261.284.337.621
Dick Siebert1943PHA594.251.295.328.623
Dick Siebert1942PHA642.260.291.333.624
Wes Parker1968LAD534.239.312.314.626
Elbie Fletcher1937BSN605.247.321.308.629
Earl Sheely1931BSN586.273.319.314.633
George McQuinn1946PHA556.225.317.316.633
Buck Etchison1944BSN348.214.292.344.636

There have been ninety-eight seasons by first basemen since 1920 with an OPS under .700 and only one has occurred since 2000: Darin Erstad put up a .273/.325/.371 line, good for a .696 OPS, as a first baseman for the Angels in 2005.

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