Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cool New Baseball Tool

Anyone who uses MLB Gameday a lot to follow baseball games probably knows by now that the new PITCHf/x system for tracking pitches has been slowly implemented across the league. The data recorded by the system in all parks is free to download and Josh Kalk of From Small Ball to the Long Ball has spent a lot of time making programs to sift through the raw data and break down the info by pitcher, count, type of pitch, result of pitch, etc. Not only that, but he's made it available for anyone to play around with.

If you want to see what the pitches thrown by Trevor Hoffman did last season (as well as the average speed of each type of pitch), you can go right ahead (scroll down to the bottom). If you want to see the PITCHf/x info for every home run Barry Bonds hit that was captured by the system, you can do that, too (scroll down again).

Now, PITCHf/x wasn't running in all parks for the whole season, so a lot of pitches and events are missing, as Josh explains in the help/comments page, but I think it's really cool to play around with. Who knew that Bobby Jenks' fastball averaged 94.99 MPH, his curveball was 83.5, and his slider clocked in at 89.21 last season?

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