Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Most IBB in a Season, No Home Runs

Partly as a result of the unprecedented numbers of intentional walks drawn by Barry Bonds in his record-setting home run seasons, the intentional walk has become even more inextricably linked with home run hitters. This isn't the only role the intentional base on balls has played throughout baseball history, however. Sometimes a manager will order an intentional walk in order to bring the opponent's pitcher to the plate or to set up a double play. In any case, the following players were not intentionally walked for their home run potential, that's for sure.

Most Intentional Walks with No Home Runs in a Single Season Since 1955*

1Don Kessinger197318.637
2Doug Flynn198014.600
3Ozzie Smith198613.709
4Jose Lind199210.544
5Tim Flannery198210.647

Bill Almon197810.617

Doug Flynn197810.566

Roger Metzger19769.556
9Steve Jeltz19869.582

Tony Scott19809.619

Dave Bergman19789.630

Manny Mota19739.733

Rod Carew19729.748

Jake Gibbs19699.577

Dal Maxvill19669.606

Woody Woodward19668.650
17Brent Mayne20048.577

Bip Roberts19968.688

Steve Jeltz19888.532

Tom Nieto19858.586

Doug Flynn19838.561

Ted Sizemore19788.524

Larry Bowa19738.501

Jim Gosger19688.462

Eddie Kasko19648.585

Maury Wills19608.673

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