Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Most Relief Appearances, No Games Finished in a Season

This post is kind of a reverse of yesterday. In that post, I looked at pitchers who had the most games finished without a save. In this post, I want to look at relievers who never managed to finish a game during the year. I would guess the list is probably made up of nondescript middle relievers and/or lefty specialists, but the occasional late-season call-up might sneak on as well.

Most Relief Appearances with Zero Games Finished in a Season

RankNameYearRelief App.
1Omar Daal199528
2Grant Jackson197120
3Don Bessent195819
4Mike Schooler199317
5John Rheinecker200716

Jim Constable195716
7Billy Traber200315

Bill Krueger199415

Stan Bahnsen198215
10Travis Hughes200514
11Arnie Munoz200713

Ricky Nolasco200613

Scott Downs200513

Cliff Politte199913

Brian Keyser199513

Dave Weathers199513

Gene Bearden194913
18Mark Hendrickson200212

Allen Levrault200112

Kyle Abbott199212

Hank Fischer196512

A lot of the players on the list started some games during those seasons, but this simply looks at their relief appearances. It's not surprising part-time starters litter the list because they tend to shift into long relief roles in the bullpen when they aren't in the rotation.

Obviously, John Rheinecker and Arnie Munoz led the AL and NL, respectively, in 2007.

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