Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's Better To Be Lucky Than Good

In my last post I looked at pitchers who were exceedingly unlucky. The guys I listed all had an ERA+ of 120 or above but won one-third or fewer of their (at least 15) decisions. Today I want to look at pitchers who did the opposite: had a low ERA+ but won two-thirds or more of their decisions. The criteria again are 15+ decisions, a winning percentage of .667 or above, and 50% or more of appearances as a starter.

Lowest ERA+, .667 or above W-L%, min. 15 decisions, 1901-2007

NameYearERAERA+W-L RecordRun Support*League Runs
Per Game**
Santo Alcala19764.707511-46.343.98
Rip Collins19215.447811-56.205.12
Mike Lynch19053.797917-84.464.11
Ed Wells19305.208312-36.905.41
Jim Coates19604.288313-37.814.39
Rube Benton19162.878516-83.853.45
Storm Davis19894.368519-75.814.29
James Baldwin19985.328613-65.195.01
Guy Bush19314.498616-85.314.48
Tommie Sisk19664.148610-55.784.09
Chuck Dobson19713.818815-55.963.87
Roxie Lawson19375.268918-76.035.23
Johnny Allen19334.398915-76.105.00
Lefty Williams19172.978917-84.213.65
Ralph Works19113.879011-55.404.61
Hooks Dauss19193.559021-94.414.09
Jack Coombs19113.539028-125.664.61
Kevin Tapani19984.859019-95.374.60
Adam Eaton20054.279011-55.494.45
Rube Foster19163.069014-73.533.68

*Runs scored by the pitcher's team's offense in games in which he pitched; if prior to 1957, the team's runs per game. If more than one team, a weighted average based on innings pitched.
**League refers to the league (American/National) the pitcher was in. Any pitcher in both leagues gets a weighted average of the two league values based on innings pitched.

These were the only twenty pitchers who had an ERA+ of 90 or less. The complete list of all 88 seasons with an ERA+ of 100 (league average) or below can be found here.

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