Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Most Extra Base Hits Allowed in a Season

Before the 2008 season began, I had two posts listing the most doubles allowed in a season and the most triples allowed in a season (both were written before the B-R Play Index included 1956 data). It's easy to find a list of the most home runs allowed in a season. For whatever reason, I never put all three together...until today. Here are the pitchers who have allowed the most extra base hits in a single season since 1956.

Most Extra Base Hits Allowed in a Season, 1956-2007

Robin RobertsPHI1956117297.1
Rick HellingTEX2001116215.2
Jose LimaHOU2000108196.1
Darrell MayKCR2004105186.0
Eric MiltonCIN2005102186.1
Brad RadkeMIN1996101232.0
Rick HellingTEX2000100217.0
Bert BlylevenMIN1986100271.2
Mickey LolichDET197399308.2
Rick HellingTEX199998219.1
Chris CapuanoMIL200697221.1
Phil NiekroATL197997342.0
Mickey LolichDET197496308.0
Robin RobertsPHI195796249.2
Brett TomkoSTL200395202.2
Jeff SuppanKCR200095217.0
Mike MussinaBAL199695243.1
Jim PerryMIN197195270.0
Jim MerrittCIN197095234.0
Jim MerrittCIN196995251.0

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