Friday, October 12, 2007

2007 Three-Inning Saves Updated

Regular readers may remember my post of August 21 in which I listed the thirteen three-inning saves (see Rule 10.19(d)(3)) of the season to that point. I figured I should update the list to reflect the three such saves after that date.

The full list of three-inning saves in 2007:
  1. Kevin Gregg, 4/22, Florida vs. Washington
  2. Brandon Duckworth, 4/28, Kansas City at Seattle
  3. Willie Eyre, 5/4, Texas vs. Toronto
  4. Aquilino Lopez, 5/12, Detroit at Minnesota
  5. Brian Shouse, 6/15, Milwaukee at Minnesota
  6. Chad Durbin, 6/24, Detroit at Atlanta
  7. Ryan Madson, 7/8, Philadelphia at Colorado
  8. Ron Mahay, 7/17, Texas at Oakland
  9. Sean Gallagher, 7/18, Chicago vs. San Francisco (4 innings)
  10. Matt Wise, 7/19, Milwaukee vs. Arizona
  11. Joel Peralta, 7/29, Kansas City vs. Texas
  12. J.D. Durbin, 8/7, Philadelphia vs. Florida
  13. Carlos Villanueva, 8/20, Milwaukee at Arizona
  14. Marcus Gwyn, 8/21, Los Angeles (AL) vs. New York (AL)
  15. Wes Littleton, 8/22 (Game 1), Texas at Baltimore
  16. John Ennis, 8/26, Philadelphia vs. San Diego
If you're interested, I saved the Play Index report listing every three (or more) inning save since Opening Day 2000. You can see it here.

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