Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Most Career Games Pitched, No Wins

This post is similar to the previous one but rather than looking for players with no decisions, its focus is players with zero career wins. Some of the names overlap, but there's been a fair amount of winless pitchers to throw in a lot of games. Of the 2,408 pitchers with zero career wins, there are twenty-two that have appeared in forty or more games. A number of these guys are still active, so the list will be fluid next season.

With that in mind, here are the winless wonders. As with yesterday, active pitchers are bolded:

Ed Olwine8089.21LHP
Juan Alvarez8060.15LHP
Chris Britton6366.13RHP
Franquelis Osoria6175.26RHP
Erik Plantenberg6142.10LHP
Terry Felton55138.116RHP
Frank Fanovich55105.05LHP
Rob Mallicoat5153.22LHP
Jeff Kaiser5052.02LHP
Ross Powell4853.15LHP
Mike Kinnunen4851.20LHP
Bob Moorhead47119.23RHP
John Lamb4766.12RHP
Erik Schullstrom4660.00RHP
Mike Burns4552.00RHP
Steve Sinclair4534.13LHP
Marcos Carvajal4257.02RHP
Scott Forster4232.01LHP
Brad Voyles4068.14RHP
Ron Tompkins4050.02RHP
Carmen Cali4034.11LHP
Chad Bentz4029.23LHP

Though I didn't bold his name Chad Bentz pitched this season for the Bridgeport Bluefish, an independent league team featuring other ex-major leaguers like Quinton McCracken, Brian Boehringer, and Matt Perisho, among others. It's not inconceivable that he'd be able to catch on again in some team's minor league system and the fact he's lefthanded makes it that much more probable.

Another interesting name is Terry Felton. Despite support from Brooks Robinson, Felton was released after going 0-13 for the Twins in 1982. He never appeared in the majors again and holds both the record for most career losses without a win with 16 (Steve Gerkin and Charlie Stecher are the only winless others to lose as many as ten) and the record for most losses in a season without a win with 13.

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