Monday, October 8, 2007

Highest BA, OBP under .300

I've always kind of liked these guys: players with batting averages very close to their on base percentages. I wouldn't want them on my team necessarily, but I enjoy their inability or unwillingness to take walks.

With that in mind, I looked up the top batting averages in a single season (since 1871) with 400+ PA (to allow for catchers not playing every day) and an on base percentage under .300. Only those seasons featuring batting averages over .275 are listed (22 of 1,959):

Charlie Carr1903.281.296
Ivan Rodriguez2007.281.294
Harry Swacina1914.280.297
Dave Foutz1886.280.297
Ozzie Guillen1993.280.292
Don Kolloway1946.280.293
Johnny Estrada2007.278.296
Damaso Garcia1980.278.296
Joe Hornung1883.278.291
Hal Chase1917.277.296
Wayne Nordhagen1980.277.294
Hick Carpenter1885.277.295
Tom Burns1886.276.298
Ron Coomer1998.276.295
Ivan Rodriguez2005.276.290
George Wright1879.276.299
Brian Hunter1996.276.297
Bengie Molina2007.276.298
Rafael Ramirez1988.276.298
Larry Bowa1974.275.298
Jerry Denny1883.275.291
Bill Buckner1973.275.297

I find it interesting three 2007 catchers (Rodriguez, Estrada, and Bengie Molina) made it onto the list.

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