Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fewest Innings Pitched in a Season, 200+ Hits Allowed

In 2007, forty-three pitchers allowed 200 or more hits while on the mound. Eighteen of them had fewer than 200 innings pitched. David Wells had the lowest IP total, giving up 201 hits in 157 1/3 innings for San Diego and Los Angeles. He managed to avoid having the highest H/9 IP total of the forty-three, as his 11.50 was edged out by Scott Olsen (226 hits in 176 2/3 IP => 11.51 H/9 IP).

Forgetting about the H/9 IP numbers for now, I was curious to find out which pitcher gave up more than two hundred hits in the fewest innings pitched. I looked at the years 1901-2007 in order to avoid the myriad rule changes and schedule havoc of the nineteenth century. Twenty-six pitchers since 1901 have given up over 200 hits in less than 160 innings. Here they are, for your reading pleasure:

Jack Knight1926206142.2
Dick Coffman1935206143.2
Jim Walkup1937218150.1
Jack Russell1932207152.2
Claude Willoughby1930241153.0
Dennis Martinez1983209153.0
Dutch Henry1930211155.0
Lefty Weinert1923207156.0
Joe Mays2005203156.0
Ernie Wingard1927213156.1
Jeff Fassero1999208156.1
Whitey Glazner1924210156.2
Bill Trotter1939205156.2
Clise Dudley1929202156.2
Jack Bentley1925200157.0
Herb Pennock1929205157.1
David Wells2007201157.1
Jesse Barnes1926204158.0
Jake Miller1928203158.0
Mark Hendrickson2003207158.1
Ed Whitson1985201158.2
Chubby Dean1940220159.1
Jeff Weaver2003211159.1
Huck Betts1935213159.2
Mike Paxton1979210159.2
Jaime Navarro1999206159.2

Unsurprisingly, almost all of these seasons took place during the two most batter-friendly eras in baseball history: the 1920's-1930's and the late 1990's through today.

I didn't list them all, obviously, but a pitcher gave up 200+ hits in less than 200 IP 701 times since 1901. There have been 4,588 total 200+ hits allowed seasons since the AL came into existence that year.

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